Thursday, September 18, 2008

No joy in Mudville!

Remember a couple of Wednesdays ago I launched into a semi-scientific description of a love affair that I have with big glitzy machines? I even showed you a few pictures the Large Hadron Collider. I tried to make the description of the machine, and what it was going to do for us, simple enough that even I could understand it, with the hopes that you could share my joy in actually knowing part of what they were going to do with the Machine.

Remember, they were looking for the Higgs Boson, the little particle that has to be everywhere but it doesn’t weigh anything and they can’t detect it? Remember I didn’t use big words like “ubiquitous” just so we could understand? The Higgs Boson is known as the “God Particle” because it’s everywhere, but nobody has seen it.

Then in my next post I talked about the “Perfect Vacuum” and “Absolute Zero Degrees Fahrenheit”. Remember, I said that there was no such thing as an absolute vacuum, or absolute zero degrees? We talked a lot about that, so you could understand when the time came, how they were going to sling ionized particles around the Large Hadron, super magnetized, 17 mile diameter race track at near the speed of light. Remember, I said the there is no resistance to electricity at absolute zero degrees Fahrenheit?

I left all those descriptions just hanging out there so you could have that “serendipity moment” when you realize how they were going to scoot that itty bitty particle around the 17 mile track at nearly the speed of light, in nearly a complete vacuum, and at near zero degrees of temperature, and you would say; “Hey!!! I know about vacuums and zero degrees, and the speed of light. Wow, so that’s how they do it!”

Remember, I told you that I know something about cold, because I am a refrigeration Contractor?

Well the experiment failed, and they had to shut it back down. Know why? The refrigeration failed….

There is no joy in the world tonight….


Robin Shelley said...

Or on Wall Street.

Ernie Branscomb said...

What's a little stock market crash compared to a broken refrigerator?

Robin Shelley said...


spyrock said...

i went on vacation earlier this week and i filled out a form at the post office to hold my mail several weeks ago, today i returned home for an emergency and there was all my mail in the mailbox, obviously, someone made a mistake and anyone could have opened my mail box and read all my mail. sorry but i've got better things to do than go nuts over that. "when we look at these sub atomic paritcles, the smallest constituents of what we call matter, we find only waves which act like particles when consciousness is brought to bear on them, but waves in what, at this level of manisfestation there is no matter left to act as a medium, ultimately all matter is revealed to be a wave in or contraction of, nothingness or the unified field itself, just as all thought is revealed to be a wave in consiousness." in other words, you can strike out or you can hit a homer. it's totally up to you.
anyway you want it.

Jim said...

This is a scientific project. The scientific principle assumes that there is no such thing as a failure because all science is a process that eventually leads to one of two things: more information about what not to do; or success.