Thursday, September 18, 2008

The man in the moon.

Andy Kaufman was known as the "Man in the Moon". He was on of the most bizarre people that ever lived. His many zany personalities kept you on your toes. You never quite knew when he was serious, which was never.

He was the world champion "Inter-Gender wrestler". He would bet women a thousand dollars that he could beat them at wrestling. You always had to wonder if he was serious, and he never was.

He wrestled Jerry "The King" Lawler in an exhibition match in which Lawler broke Kaufman’s neck in a “piledriver” move. After that Andy wore a neck brace everywhere he went, and he tried to sue Lawler. Lawler would stalk and terrify Kaufman. I wasn’t revealed until twenty years later that his neck was really not broken, and it was all just part of the zany personality that Andy Kaufman had.

He would start out on stage so bad that you really felt sorry for him, that he would do one very, very outstanding impression, then go back to he timid, awful, awkward, stage act.

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BUNNY said...

I loved the guy, always watched him. He was a great Elvis, and as odd as they come. People that strange don't usually make it to the bigtime. Makes me laugh to think of him. I have dial up so I'll have to open the movie at the store.

Ben said...

Oh Bunny, Wait 'til you see this!
Thanks, Ernie

bunny said...

Oh it was so good. He sounds better than Elvis!! Yeah, thanks Ernie for putting this up for Ben and me.