Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bloggers Picnic Sunday!

Okay, it looks like this Bloggers Picnic thing is really going to happen, so I want to say right here and now that I’m sorry for all of the mildly offensive things that I might have said, and I am beginning to really regret the really deeply offensive stuff that I’ve dished out, and those childish hurtful names that I’ve called people were all just in good fun, and I hope that no one took me too seriously, and to anybody that doesn’t like run-on sentences, tough! That’s called Poetic License

If anybody tried any of my acorn recipes and they didn’t turn out that good, hey it was just stuff that I passed on, anybody who has ever eaten an acorn has to know that they have a little after taste to them for two or three days, Get over it!

To all the girls that I flirted with, my wife is going to be there, so pretend that you don’t know me, Okay?

To all the people that were offended by my “Bullshistory“, the stories were at least partly true, and all I did was make them better! It’s not really lying.

Just because I’ve said that anonymous doesn’t have a right to exist, doesn’t mean that I really feel that way. I have several anonymous friends, so it’s not really like I’m not sensitive to their issues.

So, I guess now that I’ve made my apologies, and we are all friends again, I hope to see everyone at the picnic!

I swiped this off of Ekovox’s “299 Opine” Blog:

Sunday, September 21st. 11am - 4pm
Rio Dell Fireman's Park.
(Corner of Wildwood Ave & Center Street)
(It's right downtown, you can't miss it)
Potluck Style -
You know what to bring...but, if you need guidance:
A-F: Main Dish
G-L: Salad
M-R: Dessert
S-Z: Drinks, Snacks or Appetizers,
Members with numbers in their title: B&M's Canned Brown Bread
There are some barbecue pits if the meat deal is to your liking
And, be sure to bring your own Plates, Cups & Utensils
Remember, bocce courts and miniature golf are within walking distance.


Kym said...

I wish I could be there!

Jim said...

Are you blogging because you want people to like you or because you want to say what you really believe?

Blogging can be like politics. You have to make an important decision in advance of your project. You have to choices:

1. Do you want a few people to like you, fewer still to mildly resent you, and the vast majority, to not even know you?

2. Or do I want half the people within your sphere of influence to like you and the other half to hate your bloody guts.

It takes a thick skin and strong beliefs to make the second choice. If you have that, then you must only do or say what you absolutely believe to be right. If in doubt, leave it out.

Everyone makes mistakes. But more often not, we apologize, not because we are wrong, but, 1) because we want sommeone to LIKE us, or 2) we are very, very afraid of them.

If you want everyone to like you, you are a pathological sycophant. If you are frequently afraid of what people might do to you, you are pathologically paranoid.

In either case, you will be confronted by another group. Pathologically passive-aggressive people will, by instinct, leverage their advantages over sycophants and paranoids because they have keen senses for detecting and taking advantage of weakness of conviction.

Passive-aggressive people are also innately cowards, from whom you have little to fear, unless you just can't stand the fact that they don't like you. In that case, seek psychiatric help.

You have one other choice: find your braveness, your courage.

People give their lives every day for what they believe. So the least we can do is endure minor discomfort if some jerk snarls at us.

If you find your courage, the passive-aggressive's tendency, when confronted by someone who won't knuckle under, is to turn tail and run, yelling over their shoulder, "I don't want to talk to you anymore," followed a string of insults that get louder and louder, the farther away they are from you.

Do you really need friends like that?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Well Jim, I analyzed myself, and I asked myself why I blog. I found out that I blog because I like the intelligent thought provoking comments that I get on subjects that I’m interested in, and I find them to be mind expanding.

As to whether or not I like to be liked? Yes indeed, I like to be liked. Would I sell my character to be liked? No indeed, I wouldn’t. I take the people that don’t like me as significantly as those that do, and I find those people to be a great indication as to who I am. Some people out there, I am actually glad don’t like me.

So why do I blog? I am practicing being able to say what I want to say, in a fashion that people might understand what I have to say, and maybe agree with it. I know I have a long way to go. I have tried perfect English, and I have tried perfect punctuation, and I have tried the perfectly descriptive words that resonate with what I’m saying, but I have come to understand that I want to say things in a way that someone might understand without using words that they will have to look up.

The people that I want to talk to, and I want to talk to me, are the people that do other things than write perfect sentences. I want to talk to people that work with their hands and know how to build things, and make things work. I find them to be far more interesting than some people that can make a perfect sentence that doesn’t say anything.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to see perfect sentences, but I do like content that makes me understand things to a higher degree. And, I do love to hear that good old South Fork drawl and twang that the old folks used to have.

There are even times that I like to ponder over “What the hell does someone mean by that?” When that happens I usually read Shakespeare, because when you finally figure it out you find that he has said something very meaningful.

We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers.

What was the question again?

Rose said...

:) Well, ya won me over quite a while back.

Robin Shelley said...

Sounds pathological to me, Ernie!

Jim said...

So, the bottom line is that you're blogging because your a rare, non-pathological nice guy. I didn't factor that in.

Well, your fans seem to agree, so who am I to argue. I hope my thoughts were fodder for your thought. I was trying to point out that you didn't need to apologize for writing before you started eating.

Eat a hamburger for me.

Jim said...

By the way, I know this is the wrong place in the blog to say this, but, Ernie, I share your fascination for the particle accelerator.

I have friends and Fermi Labs, have written technical articles for them, and use the same computer operating system both Fermi and CERN use (Scientific Linux). I have collaborated with their computer departments.

So I must, with some authority, say this: The universe took 4.8 billion years to develop, so a few months' delay in the experiment to advance our understanding of it is really okay. Really.

And it WILL work. I'd bet my life on it. Determination is one of our species' most powerful survival modes.

Jim said...

Sorry about the typos in the previous post. Long day.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Jim, Please comment anytime, you have a lot to add. What is a couple of months give or take, I agree.

samoasoftball said...

Most likely I will be there.

spyrock said...

its sort of like this. my mom whet to spyrock school back in ott teen and became a school principal and has a school named after her. she used to always have pta meetings pot luck style and when she died at 91 there were still 400 people around to go to her funeral and we had a pta pot luck funeral and there was food left over for 400 more. the secret was, they were all her kids, all of them.
so its nice to see someone carrying on the tradition.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Spyrock we will talk about you at the pot-luck. That's the price you pay for not showing up!

USelaine said...

I'm missing it too. And I'm bummed about it, because Ernie's big comment here kinda turned me on. And to his wife, I mean that in the nicest, most hands-off way possible.

Ernie, when you sober up, there's a washer waiting for you on my blog.

Jim said...

Here's the latest info on the Gov. Palin hacker, incl. methods of the hack and how he was tracked.

Carson Park Ranger said...

I was not surprised that Anonymous didn't even bother to show up, and will probably whine about being excluded.

It was fun to chat face-to-face with Ernie, Rose, Boy, Capt Buhne, Fred, Greg and Carol, Bob Morse, Eel River Ernie, Ladyfriend and Ekovox, Beachcomber, Monica, Tom Seborn, Eric Kirk and Richard Marks.

suhenx said...

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