Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A little housekeeping is in order, I’ve skipped all over hell in my posting, doubled back a few times, and moved away from some interesting topics too soon. So, I want to go back and pick up on some interesting comments that got moved away from too fast.

C.P.R. said: ( "...the heller decision by the supreme court still said that the 2nd amendment guarantees an individual right."

This was the product of an "activist court" which was "legislating from the bench."

I had actually hoped that a few more people would try to understand what their rights are, and would want to make a few comments about them. CPR recognizes one of the things that have always absolutely flabbergasted me. “Legislation from the Bench”. Where some foolish old man, or woman, whichever the case might be, decides we need a new law, that dictates what we might need, or not need. In their mind they see themselves as some great thinker that has saved the world from itself. But, in our mind, they have steamrolled the rights of Americans away.

Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, and they are almost untouchable. They are supposed to be the wisest of the wise, the fairest of the fair, and above all self interest. If that is the case, why is it that they seldom, if ever, agree on anything? Most decisions are split somewhere near the middle. The average person on the street could make some better decisions than the Supreme Court justices. So, never be afraid to insist on your rights as an American Citizen!

Spyrock said: “The first tombstone I saw as I got out of the car was Samuel, Charlotte, and Joe Simmerly. Inside my mind, I could feel my ancestors gather around me.
I felt strangely happy for being in a graveyard, it was hard to leave. They've been pulling at me to find out stuff about Spyrock ever since that day. Like they want me to know their story, what happened there and who their part of me is. So its because of a bunch of ghosts that I found y'all, maybe your ghosts are there with them laughing about us talking to each other.”

I have often felt that same feeling in the presence of my ancestors. Like Jim, I agree, a quiet trip back is a great time to reflect on who we are, and who we should be.

AND: a comment worth quoting from, believe it or not, Anonymous!

"... I’m not going to stop “Anonymous” from commenting because some of the most thoughtful and interesting comments come from that source."

Thank you, Ernie. I'm glad you appreciate your Anonymous posters.

Some of us strive to make our contributions interesting, thought-provoking, respectful, humorous, and even a little crazy (in a good way) from time to time.

I firmly believe that when "Anonymous" becomes synonymous with courtesy in commentary, our entire nation's well-being will be enhanced.

It is a heavy responsibility, but I do not shrink from bearing it.

I promise to do my part until, one day, "Anonymous" does in fact become synonymous with courtesy in commentary, and the nobility inherent in every human soul is finally and completely realized by all of humankind!

Hope your weekend is a fun one, Ernie!

Thank-you Anonymous! And, I Willy will have a good weekend. (Going to see Willy Nelson Sunday)


Robin Shelley said...

This is off subject, I know, but I'm wondering if anybody here knows the lyrics to an old Tex Ritter children's song called "I Was Born a Hundred Years Ago"? I remember one line: "I know all about the aeroplanes & why they fly so high, 'cause I was born a hundred years ago-ho-ho!"

Robin Shelley said...

BTW, I've Googled the song above & can find only sets of Tex Ritter CDs containing the song but not the lyrics & the lyrics is really all I want.
Thanks again!

Kym said...

I have a hard time with the average person's worship of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Both are a GREAT basis for laws but
-they are not handed down by God. -they were written a long time ago -their rules don't always work today.

Worship of these thoughtful, often beautifully written documents sometimes leads our country to foolish extremes or forces our justices to twist the words to make them mean what modern day sensibilites dictate.

Ernie Branscomb said...

All that I know about Tex Ritter is that he was John Ritter's dad. and he sang a lot like a dog howling. Try another search engine, that usually works for me. Google has become too commercial, and if it isn't something they want you to buy, you can't find it.

In my heart I know that the original framers of the constitution had a great fear of the document becoming more powerful than the people, and that is why the Ninth Amendment was put in it. They intended the Constitution to change with the dynamics of the times, and never intended for it to become starched and brittle like it has become.

Robin Shelley said...

Tee, hee! I agree with your assessment of Ritter's voice, Ernie.
Thanks, anyway.