Friday, August 1, 2008

At Reggae

It started off in the morning with thick smoke.
It cleared off a few hours later. By evening it was clear again.
This is my "Ol' Buddy" Milt Anderson. He is asking me "Will the date show?". You can click on the photo to enlarge it. It reads 1984. The second year of Reggae.
The tip jar on the left was "Cash Only". The tip jar on the right was "Buds Only".
These are a few of my beer camp friends.
Some people just didn't realize that no matter how long they left the door open, that it never cooled off the outdoors.
This is suposed to be a picture of the crowd, but it turned out to be a wiggley picture of the stage.
Early Saturday morning, the beginning of a great day.
A new vendor this year that seems to be fairly popular, Burning Man Bicycles. I saw quite a few riding around in the crowd.
V.I.P. tent.
V.I.P. bar.
Backstage ambience.

Kim Sallaway kissing my wife Janis. Never tell Kim that you are going to count to three and take the picture. Ummm... I forgot the name of the girl on the left. Do I lose my bloggers credentials?
Stage before concert.

Crowd at closing.
One side of beer walk-in, kegs of beer are stacked two deep. That is the "Punch Bowl" in the middle.
Beer booth at night.
A beautiful day in Southern Humboldt. 85 degrees and sunny.
Pretty girl with very full, highly decorated tummy. Of course I asked her if I could take this photo and she proudly consented.

This is my two-hundredth post. I had intended it to be something deep, thoughtful, and moving, like a photo of the 20x40 foot beer walk-in cooler at 34deg, with 240 kegs of beer, and the (?) gallons of hurricane punch. The photo that is included here is from last years Reggae. I will include new photos every evening.

The Reggae inspired lawsuits have all been settled, and agreed upon by all sides, and happiness has spread across the land. Except maybe a few sad lawyers that will now have to find other fools to fleece.

Although the agreement was a lot like General Lee surrendering at Appomattox. The Ceremonial Swords have all been laid aside, but just below the surface of the calm pond, or in this case the “River®”, lays some unresolved conflict that will either be let go eventually, or it will consume the souls of the grudge holders. There is some fairness in life, if you pay attention.

I sincerely hope that this is a new beginning, and that the Mateel will now take “Reggae on the River®” which ever direction that they deem it should go, because they now own it "lock stock and barrel®”. They now have the opportunity to steer the concert in any direction that they choose, without interference or conflict. I wish them good luck, and good fortune, and they have my offer of my assistance in any of their refrigeration needs. (As they know, I always have provided their refrigeration at Reggae.)

From the community’s standpoint the lawsuit settlements have been a huge win. There has been more Reggae concerts and small gigs than Garberville has ever seen before. The town has been kept somewhat full by concert goers, and business is definitely on the rise. I’m not sure that it is all related to Reggae concerts, but it has to be a plus.

Myself… I’m glad the fight is over! There are people on both sides of the Reggae conflict that have been dear friends for years. It hurts me to be looked at like I am judging them, or that I might have some kind of a preference. As you might guess I can see right and wrong on both sides. Before all this happened it was acceptable to offer criticism, or praise without it being questioned. That openness needs to return to this community or we can never progress from here.

It’s time to heal!

Photos to follow nightly……………..


Carson Park Ranger said...

It's time to heal, and it's also time to not drink any water down stream.

Anonymous said...

Do the fish know about that?

Carol said...

Great post and photos, Ernie!

Blog hugs to you and Janice!

Bob M. said...

That's a lot of beer. Some refrigeration contractor may have received some reggae remuneration, eh mon?

EkoVox said...

I would imagine the Willie Nelson concert will also be flowing with beer. I wonder if the vendors will stock Lone Star longnecks. Those are Willie's favorites.

Kym said...

I'm excited about going to the Nelson concert. I've never seen him live and he is a favorite singer.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I can't wait to see Willie either.

Good point on the Lone Star Beer, I think that it would be apropriate!

"Bob M. said...
That's a lot of beer. Some refrigeration contractor may have received some reggae remuneration, eh mon?"

Remember that commercial with the guy with a milk mustache. Well I’ve been sporting a beer ‘stash lately. When you are in charge of making sure that no beer is served warm, you have to take numerous samples. Everything that I’ve sampled so far tasted like 34 degree perfection.

Robin Shelley said...

Back to the picture of the Port-a-Potties... did you leave some graffiti there, Ernie? I see your name!

Ernie Branscomb said...


That Is the beer wall-in cooler door!

At least now I know where the puddle came from.

The name on the side says; For a cool time call Ernie.

Did you hear that they changed the "Old_Timers Day" to saturday? I don't believe it yet, I'll check, but brace yourself just in case!

Carol said...

We're going to see Willie, too!

Are bloggers considered V.I.P?

Ernie Branscomb said...


I think that bloggers are welcome, but I doubt they would get any VIP spiffs after the crap that has been said on the blogs. Maybe they should give discounts to people like you who sign their name.

See you there!

Robin Shelley said...

Jimmy relayed an e-mail from Penny saying Old Timer's has been changed to Saturday. Had it come from just Jimmy, I might question it but since it came from Penny, I'm sure it's true! <: Don't think I'll make it this year, though, Ernie... already been down that way twice in the last month. We'll meet one of these days, though... mark my words. But, PLEASE, leave your *&^$% snakes at home when we do!
P.S. Sorry about mistaking your cooler door for the outhouse door. There was no mistaking them when they used to sport half-moons!

Robin Shelley said...

P.P.S. I haven't really been cowering in the corner... I've been busy being a new grandma! Congratulations to me! Congratulations to me! Congratulations, Grandma Robin! Congratulations to me!

Carol said...

Congratulations to Grandma Robin!

Robin Shelley said...

Thank you, Carol! We waited a long time for this & it's a feeling unlike any other... I am walking on air, living on cloud nine... all that! If you are a grandma you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Unfortunately, the baby is in Mendo & we are in Oregon now but it is still wonderful & life is good... might be just the right amount of distance as far as our daughter is concerned - LOL!
Unbelievable! I'm lovin' it! I hope everybody is as happy & content as I am today... I am beside myself with joy!
Thanks again.

Ernie Branscomb said...


Sorry that I won't be meeting you again. Being a Grandmother is far more important. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What would the world do without Grandmothers?

Kim said...

Hi Ernie. You are one fun guy! By the way. The ROTR festival began in 1984 and Milton, my treasured and very respected friend, is wearing the shirt Shelby designed for it. Milton is wearing a first tear shirt. I hear he has a new one in the drawer unworn. That is a genuine heirloom treasure! Milton has been to every SOHUM reggae festival show. He is one of the very few who can say that. See you next year Milton!
I am sure glad you kept the temperature of the beer where it needs to be.
It was a great festival this year and it was pretty smootly run. The crew deserves a lot of praise.

Kim said...

Oops. The editors are going to be mad. That should read he is wearing a first year shirt... not tear.