Saturday, May 31, 2008

Three way coincidence

Sometimes I really like blogging. It makes the world seem so small. I just got a comment from a person that owns a resort on the Campbell River. That just happens to be where Ed and Mary Alice Denson are as we blog.

If you recall I did a post on the worlds largest non-nuclear explosion that took out Ripple Rock on the Campbell River in British Columbia. The Campbell River is sometimes called the inside passage.

Here's the comment from Silky

"Silky Pearce said...
Hi.. I live at Seymour Narrows and see these currents everyday. You are correct about the Cruise Ships veing cautious in these waters ans this area, they waite for slack tide and use a special captian to navigate through these waters. At my beach there are gigantic wirl pools that start out like little dimples and create a hug wirl pool that stops all navigation coming and going. It's georgous here, and my beach is perfect for sitting and watching all of this activity. I have no idea how I came to your web site, but glad I did. Come and visit some time. It's fun to watch the Cruise Ships this time of year, they come in so close it disturbs my view. SO you went right pass me and did not wave. see my beach at the narrows Silky

I’ll provide a few links for your entertainment.

The end of Ripple Rock.

Siky’s place

Eds Blog


david williams said...

small world! i'm up the klammath in orleans. i think we share the same fire department repeater through fortuna! drop by and say hallo sometime if you come through orleans at sandy bar ranch and nursery. we're up ishi pishi road cross from the gas station. thanks for the informative posts.

Ernie Branscomb said...

David, Thank you, I'll do that. Whenever we go anywhere, I always check out the fire departments. My wife gets tired of it, but she puts up with it.

The most unique department that I've ever visited was in Hawaii, on Maui. They had all shiny brand new equipment. And they did all of their drills in Bermuda shorts. I took a few photo's and showed them to the chief, but no dice, we still gear up in full turn-out gear to drill. It sure gets hot on a summer evening.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I just spent about a half-hour clicking through Silky's web site. I looks like she has a great place with great food and great prices, now if she was just closer.

Silky, you must be a very hard worker, your place is fantastic!