Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cristina, takes on the Richardson's grove issue on KMUD

Cristina Bauss is going to do Eric Kirks show at KMUD in his absence. The show will be at 7:00pm Thursday March 20th. “All Things Recocidered”. (Reconsidered)

She is going to discuss all the pertianent (pertinent)(you sharp spellers missed that one!) facts around the re-alignment of the 101 highway through the Richardson’s Grove State Park
She has some special requests: Know what you are talking about!


Fred said...

That's All Things RecoNSidered, Ernie. Take out the C and insert the NS.

Anonymous said...

I new whta you mint Ernie. It's not about correctnice. It seams like some ar two critikal hear. Maks me self consious when I right to thes bloge.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Well, as a blogger I guess that I should take the time to get it right. For some body to make a mistake in a reply is acceptable, because they have little choice to go back and correct something.

Thanks Fred! My spelling, and especially my typo’s are notoriously bad. Also, my grammar is poor, but thankfully, my concepts are brilliant!

The typo probably invoked two reply’s that I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. At least it looks like a few people are still reading.

MIJ, ur mi kynd a peeple!

Robin Shelley said...

Good thing miJ is your kind of people, Ernie... you probably come from the same stock.

Cristina said...


As I asked on my own blog: Where were you (and a couple of other people)?

I really appreciated all my callers - intelligent, well-spoken, and passionate - but no one called in who is in support of the project. I would have liked to have had some balance!