Friday, March 14, 2008

Ann Coulter

"We need someboby to put rat poisining in Justice Steven's Creme Brulee" Ann Coulter Conservative Commentator

My cousin Jim the Mountain Man his lived in the hills too long, he doesn't know who Ann Coulter is. This is for you Jim. Ann is your kind of girl. This is a photo of Ann getting ready to hunt bear.

She hates liberals, and takes great joy at poking fun at them. The liberals foam at the mouth in anger, and the conservatives flock to buy her books so they can quote her accurately.

She has God on her side, which is kinda' spooky when you think about it. She is a Grateful Dead fan who hates drugs. I don't know what she drinks, but I understand that she makes a great accessory for a white Corvette.

Every man secretly thinks than they could tame her if they just had the chance, especially liberals who fantasize about a Having a tame Ann Coulter.

Click on this blue line to see Annie claim that Hillary is more conservative than John McCain. Yep, Jim, I'll bet you could tame her right down. You might need to cage her a while first, but I know how you like strong willed women. She would be a good match for you. She has claws just like that pet bobcat that you had. You remember, the one that liked to jump and spit and scare the hell out of people. She likes doing that to liberals.

She has been called the female Rush Limbaugh. But Rush is not nearly as cute. Conservatives don't take her seriously, but liberals hang on her every word. I've watched her a long time and she hasn't changed my mind at all. I don't think that she has changed anybodys mind, but it's fun to watch her try.


Carol said...

Ann Coulter, Ernie? You've got to be kidding.

Kym said...

Yeah, what she said! Yay, Carol!

Jeez, Ernie, Coulter's mean spirited. I don't mind her opinions (I don't like 'em but I can ignore them). But she is just plain nasty. The kind of person who makes the world an uglier place! Only thing that makes her better than some of the anonymous people on Eric, Heraldo, and Rose's is that at least she puts her name on her nastiness.

Anonymous said...

Well I know who Ann Coulter is, in fact I am the one that brought her up as I know most in that area are liberals and thought I would stir up some stuff.
Actually she would look great in a white Corvette. But then she would look great in a rusty Volkswagon.
I still think she should be a Supreme Court Jutice.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Yeah, I'm kidding!!! Okay?

But if you notice, it only proves what I say about her being very good at rousing liberals. If we could all just step back just a little bit, and be objective, we could she that we are the ones that give what she say's importance. Her comments are designed to shock, have you noticed?

But, It would be funny match her up with Jim. He'd end up about like he did with his "Pet Bobcat". With Jim, that wouldn’t be a new experience. I think that he could survive. Be careful what you wish for Jim, you might get it again!

Greg said...

I don't give anything she says any importance, and did not read your post. Same with Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Dr. Laura Schlesinger. Rousing liberals is great, Ernie. It certainly is needed for the country to survive after Bush.

Anonymous said...

But is she really a she? That is
the question.

Ernie Branscomb said...

“But is she really a she?”

Good Point! And the answer would be: “Does it really make any difference”. To a truly open minded person, should it made any difference to our lives what she say’s she is? Should it make any difference what she say’s about politics? Do we say “Oh crap, Ann say’s I have to feed rat poison to Stevens, I guess I’d better get on with it!”

If you watch her speak, you will know that she is selling books to people who want to read what she say’s. She takes nothing back, nor does she apologize, even when it is obvious that she doesn’t really mean some of the things that she say’s. To those of you out there, that are truly clueless, Coulter really wouldn’t put rat poison in Justice Stevens Crème Brule. I personally don’t think that Annie has harmed the liberal movement a bit. If you disagree with me, please detail how you think that she has harmed anyone. Just so you know, I don't take Ann seriously. Only a fool would do that.

Do you mention that her sex is questionable because that is in any way important, or was it meant to take away her appeal? And how are you being any nicer than Ann?

Carson Park Ranger said...

She's pointing that gun in he wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is Awesome. There I go being redundant again.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Now, now CPR, You can't say things like that on a blogsite! Someone will take you literally, and assume that you are a murderous monster. And we both know better.

But, I totally get the humor! Do you sell books?

Ernie Branscomb said...

You know.... I was going to put a collection of Coulter quotes here so more people could see who she is. But she is really to vile to repeat. The joke is over.

Warning the following is not fit for humanity:
Coulter Quotes

Robin Shelley said...

&%$#@!! See what you started, Jim?!!