Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Night Dreams

Ed Dennson put a jinx on me. He told all about a weird anxiety-dream that he had, and he made pretty good sense out of it on his blog site. Not so in my case. I had a really good dream last night, and when I woke up, I couldn't wait to tell my wife about it. The dream really made me happy and left me in a good mood. As I rolled it through my head trying to put it all together, I just plain couldn't any make sense out of it at all.

The first thing that occured to me is that there was this "Other Woman" in it that she might not appreciate. How do you explain to your wife that you have an "Other Woman" in your dreams. Well this "Other Woman" was not an important part of my dream. She was not the type of person that would appeal to me anyway, just so you know that. So, my dream was not really about an "Other Woman".

Then there was the part of my dream where there was a woman who was carrying a puppy inside her coat, and his cute little face was poking out of the top where a woman would normally wear her necklace. Don’t think that I'm weird. I know that you have seen the same thing. Anyway, I decided that I couldn't tell her about that puppy part of the dream, because she could have wondered why I was looking where a woman would wear a necklace anyway.

Then there was the part about the boat that wasn't near the water, and the frog that knew how to sing. I'm not sure what the white lines were all about, but they wiggled. Don't try to read anything into this, it doesn’t make sense. Then the guard rail turned blue and it made sense in my dream. I still don't know how the five-speed truck transmission got under my pillow, but it belonged there in my dream. I decided that rather than trying to rationalize my screwed up dream that I had dreamt, that I would just let it drop. I know that there are others out there that do rationalize their dreams, and I know that they are either lying, or they dream much more lucidly than me. Because, if my dreams make sense, I know that I'm still asleep.

So rather than tell my wife about the dream that I had, I just told her that I had a really good night, and that I had a great dream. And, she said; "Oh yeah? What about?


The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Michigan J. Frog in your dream?



EkoVox said...

Ernie, can I suggest you put away the acorn soup for the season. I am fully aware of it's hallucinatory affect in dreams.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I thought that maybe this post was just to bizarre, but that’s why I did it.

I just can’t figure out how people can explain their dreams so darn logically, because I don’t think that I ever had a dream that made sense. I figure if you, out there, are having logical dreams, maybe it’s you that’s crazy.

There are people out there that correct my spelling and punctuation all the time, I even got psychoanalyzed on Eric’s blog for trying to maintain a sense of character, maybe they can explain why my dreams don’t make sense. Maybe there is someone out there that has dreams that make sense. But, not many of mine do.

I dream mostly when I’m sick or have a fever, those are probably close to being hallucinations.

But, I have had good dreams, that I still can’t make sense out of.

Greg said...

Dream symbols have meaning. We have a book called "The Dream Book" that explains symbols like frogs, boats, water, etc. uncannily well. You can probably find a copy in a new-age bookstore. Are there any new-age bookstores left?

dr. phil said...

Now Ernie, how long have you been
"looking for puppies" in this
particular area?

Ernie Branscomb said...

I always check them puppies!

Carol said...

Ernie, the book that Greg mentioned is called The Dream Book and was written by Betty Blethards. As I understand dreams, all aspects of the dream represent your own self and self-growth. Puppies represent the male baby part of yourself. The woman represents the feminine side of yourself - in the book there are definitions for different images and then you can try to analyze the dream.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Psssst...Carol, (would you not tell everyboby about my feminine side)

I really think that the dream was from eating too much. Could it be that simple?

Carol said...

Shhhh! OK, Ernie! I'll stop talking.