Sunday, January 6, 2008

Janis' photo's of Centerville

A friend of mine from Garberville just recently bought this building in Ferndale, and as luck would have it we ran into him there on New Years eve and he gave us a tour. Fabulous!
Centerville beach road, looking north.

Early technology. Sadly, if that was mine I would have ruined by restoring it to perfect condition, and noboby would stop and take pictures.
Nice little stream, what we used to call a crick.
A nice photo with lots of sky, it would make a great photo for a title page. All kinds of sky to write in.

Which photo do you like best of the last two Janis and I can't agree. So what else is new!


Carol said...

I am happy to hear that someone you know bought the Gazebo building.

I lichen both of Janis' photos!

Eel River Ernie said...

I think the second photo is the better of the two; the tree on the right and the greater view of the grass gives better perspective to the picture. All good photos, wish I could share a photo of a frozen windmill, whose blades are plastered in snow, that I took in Colorado a few weeks back.

Did you ever try to smoke Spanish moss as a kid? It's awful!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Cute, She will lichen the fact that you said that.

We differ in photographic tastes, in that I like huge panoramas, Or photo’s that tell a story. She likes patterns, close-ups, and beauty.

It is fun to watch her with a camera. At work her normal state is all business. She is always bouncing from one task to another. When she goes home she is spinning wool or doing some kind of crafty stuff. When we finally take a day of and go on a “photo safari”. She starts out with a few panoramic scenes, then she invariably starts moving closer up, soon she has her tripod set up to capture something ten inches away. Those photo‘s that turn out to look something like modern art. The thing that I enjoy the most is she enjoys it so much, and she really just loses herself in it. It’s just her, and the world around her is gone.

She can find a hundred pictures in a old moss covered rock outcropping, or a creek bed, or a fern bank. She has a really good eye.

The one thing that you never want to do is let her take your picture. She will loft her camera and point it in your direction, you will smile brightly with that cheerful twinkle in your eye, you will move your head just right so that little sparkle will flash off your tooth, you will hold the best side of your face to the camera, but no click. So you try to hold the pose a little longer, but your “cheerful smile” is starting to fade and look a little fake. Soon your eyes start to run from trying not to blink. You are trying to say between your grinning teeth, “Just take the damn picture”. With me, blood starts to run out of my ears, and little foamy spittle bubbles form at the corner of my mouth, my smile has become ricktus, and just when you look right at the camera and scream; “What hell are you doing?” you hear CLICK!

Then, when we go through the photo’s she calmly say’s “why do your pictures always look so angry?” But she takes good moss pictures. She starts with a rock, then waits for the moss to grow. The rocks are a lot more patient than I am. The tree with the moss hanging from it, the one that she took the two photo’s of, was just being planted when she sat up her camera. But, she seems to be happy!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Eel River Ernie, It's better if you roll the moss in Madrone bark.

Kym said...

Your comments are better than some people's posts! I'm still laughing over your description of Janis' photo taking millennia.

I have so much trouble posting comments on blogspot and especially on your site. This morning I've come in and out several times tried various options just to get to the comments but it was worth it (Still you wouldn't consider changing to wordpress. Its so easy and you can take your old stuff with you.

Anonymous said...

Try posting By clicking on "anonymous" then sign at the bottom.

It's easier for someone not signed up as a Google blogger.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Ya gotta read Kristabels snow story on Chocolate Covered Zanex.

EkoVox said...

Eel River Ernie, It's better if you roll the moss in Madrone bark.

That is just some really bad advice. Everyone knows pepperwood bark gives it much more of a menthol flavor.

robin shelley said...

I don't have a preference as far as the pictures are concerned but they reminded me of something... isn't that how it works?
Sometimes during a real cold spell in Laytonville, your uncle Ben would set a sprinkler on one of his bare trees near the highway overnight &, by morning, the thing would be covered with huge & beautiful sparkling icicles. It would literally stop traffic! We ran a picture of it in the newspaper more than once, I think.