Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm not affected!!!

Sorry that I haven’t been a very prolific blogger lately, but I have been working way too much, and I’ve been busy trying to reason with the rest of the bloggers out there that post things just to make me mad and see me jump.

I have several good ideas, but even good ideas need some research. I have a lot of un-posted history from my very own family that I want to post about someday. It probably smacks of nepotism to write about my family, but they say that you should write about what you know best, so in my case that would be my family. Plus, I kinda’ like my family, and when I look around I see a lot of people that don’t get along that well nowadays. What’s up with that? It seems like everyone is turning against everyone lately.

Maybe it’s Seasonal Affected Disorder. That’s were the dreary weather physically makes you depressed. Something about the lack of sunlight does it to you. I’m not depressed by lack of light; it’s just that winters get so damned annoying! Sometimes I just want to slap something! But, I'm not affected by it.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t stoop to the obvious and comment about the weather again, so I’ve missed some grand opportunities this last couple of weeks. I could have even taken some pictures. But, just about everybody that would be interested probably has a better story than I do, and I hate to be outdone.

Like I say, I'm not affected by that SAD thing, but I don’t understand why I almost slapped that nice young lady that came prancing into the store the other day and proclaimed so cheerfully that; “I just LOVE the rain, it's soooo fresh!!!” Damn, it makes me mad just thinking about her! It’s a good thing that I’m a cheerful person. I feel sorry for all those people that are affected by all this damn dreary weather!


Greg said...


Blogging the weather is fun, easy and informative. I say this because I blog the weather so often myself.

Blogging can get depressing if you take people too seriously. I think some just like to stir it up.

Carol said...

It is a good weekend to stick close to home and the hearth. And there is the Superbowl on Sunday! I am not a football fan, but I will watch the game. Go Patriots!

Rose said...

It's your family and the history, combined with your perspective, that people LOVE about your blog, Ernie. It's never boring.

Kym said...

I know what you mean about the weather. In the summer, I can speak poetically about the beauty of rain and a warm fire but along about the end of January I'm wondering if anyone would buy one of my children so I can afford to go anyplace with sunshine.

Once we get those pretty weeks we usually get February I'm alright again but, for now, I might feel like smacking that lady too!

(PS I hope it wasn't my post that got you riled up. I'm just sayin' that's all;>)

Oh, and I love the Photograph. She looks as sad as I felt when I saw all the snow still there on Wednesday.

Greg said...

Ernie, I just checked the 15-day forecast. It's pretty much the same into late February, only we might get more snow. Stock up on some snow shovels and you can clean up.

Ernie Branscomb said...

No Kym, you don't annoy me at all. In fact you're fun to share ideas with, because you don't make things a personal issue. I hope that I don’t either.

I hope that it is thirty degrees here at the end of March, I'm going to the Caribbean on a cruise. Most of the time when we take a spring vacation the weather here is perfect, and it breaks my heart to leave. One April when we left here, it was bright blue skies and eighty degrees. We went to Switzerland, where it snowed the whole time. But we had fun anyway! The best wine we ever drank.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Excessive cheer is, and always has been, annoying.

Fred said...

I call that "disgustingly cheerful".

Kym said...

My husband and I have made a vow never to go on vacation in May or June why leave perfection (and it is horrible to come home in July when everything is dry)