Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rehash of an historic election.

Okay, I know that I promised that this blog would stick history or local topics, and stay away from politics, but something has been bothering me lately, and I just want to know if I’m the only one. The election is past so this post won’t be considered to be political.

I made a service call to Alderpoint Tuesday afternoon and when I got there, I notice three prominently placed “Carlos Quilez” campaign signs. After leaving Alderpoint, I drove to the New Harris Store to repair a refrigeration unit there, and on my way I noticed another prominently placed Carlos Quilez sign. A first I laughed and thought of the Alderpoint people just being behind the times, then it started to bother me that the signs were still up. I’m sure that Carlos had nothing to do with the signs, but the people that put them up should be responsible to take them down.

The other thing that I wondered about is, why did signs pop up in places to be immediately replaced other candidates signs, only to go back to the original? What kind of people do that? Is it the land owner changing his mind, or is it unscrupulous campaign workers?

The next thing that I wondered about is the shotgun that Quilez drew to protect his wife. Did that issue really change anyone’s mind about who they were going to vote for, or was it just used as a red-herring smear against Quilez by someone that was not going to vote for him anyway. I know it had nothing to do with the way I voted, so why was it made to be such an issue?

Next, I know that Eric Kirk made a significant difference in the number of people that voted for Quilez in the Southern Humboldt area. If more people had shown up to vote, would it have made any difference in the outcome.


Fred said...

"I’m sure that Carlos had nothing to do with the signs, but the people that put them up should be responsible to take them down.".

Agreed, and they should be taken down the day after the election, if not earlier. I've gone out and taken down my signs right after the polls closed on election night.

As an aside, a Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate stopped by my house some years ago. He told me that, while in Shasta County, he traveled north with another libertarian from Shasta County. He went as far as Yreka before heading back. He proudly told me how they put his campaign signs along the road all the way from Redding to Yreka.

I winced at that, but didn't say anything about the fact he didn't take into consideration that the signs needed to be taken down eventually. How rude!

Oh well.

Eric V. Kirk said...

I think I got all of them in the Redway area, with help from Dennis Huber.

I agree, they should be down by the following weekend. Whoever delivers them to a particular spot should make the effort to contact either the property owner or the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I thought those were targets,
like the rest of the signs!