Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poor mans Mussell feed

A few posts ago I taunted everyone with what a great Mussell feed that we had the Friday after thanksgiving, but I had to beg my wife to download a photo for me because I asked her to use her brand new “high-dollar” digital Cannon Camera. From now on I am going to just take a picture with my cell phone and e-mail it to myself. It works good enough for this blog-site, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

As you recall I said: "This time I got a great photo of dinner that I will post as soon as my wife downloads it onto my computer. I'm not sure when that will be, because she "has more important things to do than blog". She has different priorities. Don't be angry with her, she can't help herself, that's just the way she is!”

It seems that after I almost got insulting about wanting her to download her “Great Picture” I ended up owing her “big time”. The “big time owe her” took us to Eureka to look at area rugs. We took my truck to town “just in case” she found something that she liked. Fourteen-hundred-dollars later we are home and she seems to be happy, but she reminded me that I still owe her for downloading some pictures for the fire department that she took. At first I objected to this “Great camera“, but she said not to worry that it would pay off well for her. I’m beganing to see that she was right. So I’m going to show you the fourteen-hundred dollar picture of a “Poor Mans” dinner.

Just place your cursor on the photo and click, and it will open in a high-resolution Photograph. Please feel free to copy it and put on your wall if you like. But, if you do, just say that you did in the comments box; in fact say you did even if you didn't. Maybe I can take a tax deduction by proving that the photos were used for charitable purposes.

I’ll begrudgingly admit that she is a “Fine Photographer”, but darned expensive. I hate to think what it’s going to cost me for the fire department pictures, but I guess time will tell.

Now back to the mussel feed, they were delicious. We had dipping bowl full of hot lemon-butter, hot garlic butter, and we had fresh sliced guava fruit. We had sour-dough Italian Bread, because we are still boycotting the French for voting against the war, (the low life’s).

Back to the Mussel feed, We had green salad, with veggies, and a bunch of other stuff. And, oh, did I mention that we had a dozen bottles of wine? But now that I count them, I notice that there are only eleven bottles on the table. My wife has only fooled herSELF this time because her photograph is good enough to read the labels, and I noticed that her favorite brand of wine is NOT on the table. She does that at Halloween also. She goes the store to get the ”Kids” Halloween candy. When she comes back from the store, she always has extra Snickers Bars. When she puts them out for the Kids, there are NO Snickers Bars in the bowl. Her breath always smells like Snickers for a day or two after Halloween.

Back to the Mussel feed. We ate mussel until we couldn’t eat any more then I pickled the rest, and we ate them for snacks for the next few days. They were also delicious. Let me know if you would like the recipe.

I’m still worried what the fire department pictures are going to cost me. It seems like the longer it takes to decide, the more expensive that it gets.

Post script note:
My wife just informed me that the photo of the mussels was taken with her "old camera", and that anyone could CLEARLY see that the background was fuzzy. Then she told me that the camera focuses on the first thing that it sees, and that’s a perfect example of why she needed a “good camera”.

So, I’m thinking “why did I pay “high-dollar” for this photo???” Then I remembered; the fire department pictures that she hasn’t downloaded may be bad pictures also. I started to smell a bargain. I opened negotiations to buy the photos at a reduced price. Her reply was “oh no, those were taken with the “good camera” and that they are “high-dollar” photo’s".

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lodgepole said...

Alright Ernie I gotta know. Please post the pickled mussel recipe.