Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kim Sallaway, "Have fun!"

Kristabel asked me, “P.S. Who's that cute guy in the camo. pants next to Santa?”

Kristabel, I'm glad you asked. The mans name is Kim Sallaway. He is a professional photographer. He does what I would describe as “Character Photography”. I don’t know how he would describe himself. But, if you want to see a collection of his photo’s go to I’ll put the link at the bottom of this page.

Everything in his collection was photographed in a public place. But some of his stuff should be rated “Not For Kids”. But you should get a kick out of the photo’s. He has also been the official photographer for “Reggae on the Whatever” since the very start. He is a very cheerful guy, and his personal motto is “have fun”.

To my relatives that read this blog: “No Toto, this ain’t Kansas anymore”. And admittedly am glad that I’m just looking at the photo’s and not being there in person. But Kim lives his life to collect photo’s like you see in his albums. Be sure to check out his nature photo’s, he capture critters “character” as well as people.

He also sends out to his subscibers a "Photo of the day". Which always has an "Everyone included" rating. He took the best photo of a Brush Robin that I've ever seen. (Whoops!, I forgot, he's a "Newcomer", he's only been here thirty something years, he calls it "Varied Thrush". My people didn't even have a fancy word like "Varied". You probably think that I'm kidding, don't you?)

I consider Kim a true artist of the highest caliber, and a true friend. If you go to his web-site you will see artistry like you’ve not seen in many places. Each of his photo’s either tells a story or suggests one. I tease him with; “If Shakespeare had a camera, this is what he would have said”.

This is a good example of a “Cross Culture’ friendship. But, I see many signs of the culture barrier disappearing. It's hard to not appreciate talent like Kim has, and it is an instant conversation to view any of his stuff.

Kim Sallaway Photography


kym said...

I've never knowingly seen his work before and I'm impressed. I bookmarked him and will be back. Browsing his site was like wondering into a grin manufacturing site. I'm still smiling.

Kristabel said...

Thanks Ernie - his work is fantastic!

Love, love, love those pics. of the Folsom Street Fair - one of my favorite events when I lived in
San Francisco.

And here I thought he was just some cute guy with a candy cane....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ernie. I am happy to call you my friend. I am also quite impressed with your writing skills. You should be writing a book. You are the man with the tales!
Thanks also for taking this picture of me.
Kym, those are some mighty fine words. Wow.
Kristabel, that Leather Fair is a hoot! Everyone should go to it at least once. It ranks right up there with Burning Man for uniqueness. Those folks go there to be scene. I go to be part of the fun!
Thanks for the compliments. Photography for me is an ever learning, ever exciting way to be a part of this generation of artists.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Kimba, I tried to e-mail you when I posted that photo, but my E-mail at home is broken and I haven't fixed it yet. I guess you found it anyway. Thanks for the photo credit. As I recall the instructions were; "What the hell are you doing??? just push the button!"