Saturday, December 1, 2007

Frosty morning along the Benbow hedgerows.

Gee! "Home" doesn't look so bright and cheery this morning!

Interestingly, I was just reading this morning about the ice sheet that covered America less than twelve thousand years ago. I guess the Eskimo's didn't pay their tree farmers well enough for their "carbon offset credits", so they had to move further North to stay cold. As I left the house this morning I noticed that we had our first "Killing Frost" and all of my Petunias were killed. If this darn global warming doesn't let up I'm going to freeze to death.

They have just recently found a huge rock that was deposited in Garberville by a glacier. They are calling it a "Glacier Drop Rock". They are now busy studying where it came from, and how long ago. I'll bet that they find it came from Al Gores front yard!

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Kay Lodahl said...

I have just been browsing.. I used to live at Benbow ..about 1962 or so.. maybe earlier. Our house was along Highway 101, north of Benbow, going up the hill toward Garberville on the right side. It burned down one summer, I think in 1962 or 63. Used to take a school bus to South Fork High School. I had a step grandfather named Bob Welch that drove the school bus and on stormy days, he would pick us two kids up at the house instead of the designated bus stop (rules were made to break!) down the rode so we wouldn't have to brave the weather. We were spoiled by him. I used to walk down Hiway 101 (wouldn't dare do that today!) to Benbow Lake and watch the ski boats in the summer to pass the time.