Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bloggers Picnic

So, okay. I’m confused but optimistic. It appears that EkoVox has organized a bloggers picnic. Somewhere in Scotia or Rio dell.

To be Honest, I’m really looking forward to this picnic. I wonder why nobody thought of it before… What? They did? This is the sixth annual? And I wasn’t invited before?

I think that my family reunion is on the 17th of August, I wonder if Ekovox and everyone could move the date to Saturday the 16th, before this thing gets rolling to fast.

Does anyone else have a preference.


Carson Park Ranger said...

Urgent notice:

Date for Bloggers Picnic has been abruptly changed to Saturday August 16th for reasons known only to the organizers.

Thank you. Carry on.

EkoVox said...

Urgent notice #2:

The date is still up in the air until I can find the people that book the park. It seems the gym portion of the Scotia Parks and Recreation division has been taken over by Bodyworks....a private entity. She referred me back to the main office who had me call the fire department. She believes it is their baileywick to do the booking for the park.

I must say. The people at each place I phoned was as nice as could possibly be and wanted to help me at all angles. Try that at a government agency when it comes to booking halls and parks and all other manner of permits.

Private Industry Rules!


Eric V. Kirk said...

Hey, I'm there if I'm here!

Maybe the anonymous bloggers can show up with masks?

Carson Park Ranger said...

Sunday, September 7th has been floated out there by a super-secret, must-attend, local blogger (who will be out of town in August) as a possible date.

I'm thinking that the Women's Grove might be a good neutral location (beautiful as well).

Ernie Branscomb said...

Both Sept. 7th and The Beautiful Womans Grove works for me.


Fred said...

"Maybe the anonymous bloggers can show up with masks?".

They can just put a paper bag, with holes for the eyes, over their heads.

Just like that Unknown Comedian guy that went on stage with a paper bag over his head and told jokes. Ever see him?

EkoVox said...

I have been asked by Ladyfriend to change the date of the Bloggers Picnic. She apprised me that I will be out of state (the first time other than Oregon) at some point this August, but we don't know the actual weekend.

How's about the weekend after Labor Day. Sunday, September 7th? Kids will be back in school and summer vacations will be out of the way.

In the springtime, there is an awful lot happening, but September is slow for people.

Whaddaya think?


EkoVox said...
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EkoVox said...

Sorry, I accidentally double posted.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can hold the bloggers picnic at the Arkley Center. Just don't mention the word "vagina!" You wouldn't want to upset Rob, Jr.