Sunday, October 7, 2007

KMUD / Estelle

“Holy crap, I can't believe I beat Ernie to the first comment.”

Okay, you night-owls caught me napping, so this time I guess I’ll just have to go for last. You know what they say, and I guess I’ll have to get that last laugh!

Eko, without going into politics, I have to say I agree with you on a lot of things. It must be genetics. I love Ed Denson’s show, and I personally admire Ed Denson, and I agree that everyone is entitled to a good lawyer, and everyone deserves their day in court… I guess at this point I need to shut up. A long time ago someone told me as a merchant, your job is to take care of your customers, and not bore them with your opinions and politics. So as to not bore you on the rest of the point, I’ll follow some other wise advice and “Shut up and sing”.

I haven’t listened to KMUD since Estelle Fennell resigned, and I listened to her last broadcast. It’s not any kind of statement about KMUD, but Estelle was the first person that ever worked there to catch and hold my interest. With her gone, it has just left a hole in my heart that I haven’t been anxious to fill. KMUD has lost too many good people. I miss people like Michael Jacinto that told me after I complained about some of the broadcasting: “Turn it off, only a fool can listen to KMUD all the time. We have something for everybody, that means that some people aren’t going to like it.”
Wow! Honesty!

I loved to listen to Christina Bauss, who said she resigned KMUD because “She didn’t have the time”. I’ve found that I always have the time for things that I like, and that interest me. I loved her articulate, smooth as silk delivery of the news. I always had to chuckle that she didn’t seem to know that there was a society that lived here before the “back to the landers” came here to form their brave new world. But as you’ve recently noticed she’s paying attention. Soon we’ll have a convert. Maybe we’ll invite her to our “Deliverance on the Eel”.

Say what you like about the firebrand Paul (PB) Bassis. He was darned interesting, and made a lot of valid points. “Thank Jah it’s Friday” just isn’t the same without him.

But unlike Cristina Bauss, I’m all new to writing. I type with two fingers, I space-bar with my chin, and I use my right toe for the enter/return key. I’m just now finding that my fingers know where the keys are, even when I don’t. So it’s no wonder that she beet me to the punch.

KMUD may be doing fine, I don’t know. I intend to go back someday, and I still help sponsor part of the news. But I’m still feeling the loss.

Maybe KMUD’s loss is going to be our gain. I hear that Estelle Fennell is thinking seriously about running for supervisor. I like her proven dedication to the people of Southern Humboldt, and the fact that she is honest, and cares about people. She is smart and knows how to dig for facts, and she doesn’t base her opinions on whimsy. Did I just slip into politics? Maybe, but I’ve long been an Estelle fan.

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