Saturday, October 13, 2007

I had a great week!

It's been a great week for me.

Today, I cut and stacked a half cord of fire wood. The weather was so good that you couldn’t find anything wrong with it, dead calm perfectly clear blue skies. The sun was bright and there was no wind. Fog this morning that cleared at ten. About nine thirty, as I was loading fire wood onto the truck, I heard a bunch of squawking coming over the ridge. I looked up and saw a rather large golden eagle swooping down the hill right over me, followed by two very annoyed ravens pecking at him. I stopped and watched them until they were out of sight. I thought that it was too bad that I didn’t have the grand kids with me. About five minutes later a flock of wild doves flew right over my head.

Last Tuesday I was at the medical center working up on the roof and I heard a flock of geese flying over. I spotted them off in the distance flying at about five hundred feet; flying in their familiar vee shaped pattern and heading right toward me, I went down the ladder and went inside and had a friend come out and we watched them fly over. We were remarking about how rare it is to see geese in Garberville in the middle of the day. There was about two hundred of them. We watched them changing positions and sorting out where they wanted to be, some would speed ahead and drop back in line, others fly all the way across to the other side. For a period of abut ten seconds, they flew in a perfect straight edged vee shaped formation. It was almost like they did it just for me.

All of these signs of winter are about a month early, If I were to predict the weather, I would say that things are shaping up for an early winter. But there’s an old saying; “Only damn fools and outsiders predict the weather on the north coast.” I was born here, so my only option would be the “damn fool” one. So you’re going to have to figure out the weather for yourself!

I guess what I’m getting around to is saying is, that this is the perfect kind of a week to end up with chicken and dumplings for supper. I like my dumplings made with parsley and green onions chopped up and mixed into them.

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