Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harvest Moon

All this talk about squash, pumpkins, apples and fresh garden produce reminded me that tonight is the full moon, and that the Old-Timers would use it to start harvesting the Fields at night.

On the 26th of October there will be a “Harvest Moon”. The old-timers didn’t any electric lights, and in the fall of the year when their crops were as ripe as they were going to get, they brought them in out of the fields. There was always a rush to get the crops in before ‘Old Jack Frost” nipped them. Or, the wind and rains that were starting to happen this time of the year would damage valuable food that they needed to get through the winter. With some folks, getting the fields harvested, and having food for winter was a matter of life and death. They were thankful for the Harvest Moon. Because they could see to work in the fields all night reaping their much deserved bounty. And the October Harvest Moon was the last chance that they had to get their crops in. After the work was all done, they would always have family and friends get together and have a “Havest ball”, and they would drink, party and dance the night away, everyone felt good because the food was in the larder. It was the night that many young maiden lost her heart to a hansome young farm boy.

For those of you who are not out harvesting your fields, turn up your sound and click on the following link and join my small celebration!
Neil Young, Harvest Moon