Thursday, August 30, 2007


“We can’t judge what happened in history by today’s standards". But,"to ignore history is to repeat it"

I always thought it was one sentence and could not be separated. How would you feel if someone decided that they disagreed with you and your name should no longer be used? That is how I feel about north coast history, to delete some of it is to delete all of it, it is all connected, and we are all connected.

To bring the blacks from Africa to be used as slaves was wrong. So should we hide that from people, for fear that they might start doing that again? Or should we teach what happened, and why it was wrong. We can use words like slave ship, slave driver, working like a slave. maybe we shouldn't use those terms anymore because slavery was wrong. Pretty soon the only word that we will be able to use will be "IS", and that will depend on how you define it.

This has been a fun subject for me because of my need to save history, I can wax endlessly about it. But, don’t feel bad if you disagree with me. I’ve lost in this discussion many times. It is easy to be able to be “touchy-feely-feel-good” to say discrimination is wrong, and all things connected to it must go including our history, and it is always P.C., no worries!

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