Thursday, August 30, 2007

Genocide and Vendetta... Don't Judge!

I read it, and my uncle Ben Branscomb helped the writers identify some of places that were in the stories, and people that they talked about. That was the pivotal book that made me understand that “You can’t judge history by who we are now”.

My uncle was given a “gratitude copy” of the book and he loaned it out until it never came back again. Such is the way of books. But, I had a chance to read it and I now have a photocopy of the book that I’m reading. An original copy of the book, in perfect shape, will cost you sixteen-hundred dollars. A beater copy will cost you six-hundred dollars. It was proven that the authors engaged in plagiarism, so one of the most important books about our history was taken out of print. So, I’m probably going to go to jail for having a photocopy, but oh well.

It is difficult to read that book with-out jumping into judgments. But, if you can keep your mind completely clear of right and wrong, you can get a feeling of how it really was, and it was kill or be killed. Morality had nothing to do with it. I would really like to stick one of our modern day moralists back then, just to see how long they would survive, I get all giddy just thinking about what a predicament that they would be in.

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