Thursday, August 30, 2007

Banned words

N-gger Head peak in Petrolia is still on the C.D.F. maps, but they politely cross it out. I wonder what they call it when there is a fire out there? It must go something like this; "Fire on... Uhh.. Um... South-east of Petrolia on that round brushey hill that looks like someones head with curly hair... Um you know?"

I have a black friend that has actually seen his people hanged in what was a hate crime. To hear his story, really makes you think about what you say.

When people set around the t.v. and say things like, “they aught to put a rope around his neck and drag him behind a pick-up truck“, they think nothing of it and they aren't likely to do it. But, what do their children hear? They might think that should happen, because after all, their family has said more than once that it should happen, and the young people in a foolish moment actually do it. What we say and the attitudes we have, are far reaching, and these things should be discussed openly with children, and taught actual discrimination is wrong. To hide history and historic names is wrong, but used in an educational context, the impact on a child can be dramatic.

Teach how discrimination sucks, but leave history alone!

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