Thursday, July 19, 2007

Possum attacks Janis!

Yep! Possum, and Wild Turkeys right here in Garberville. I would have never guessed!

My wife came to work about a year ago and found a great big rat under the back room steps. While she ran to hide, she sent me out to kill it. While I can kill if necessary or provoked, I have a serious distaste for killing things for no reason. As I looked under the stairs for the offending critter, I discovered the “Rat”. It was a baby Possum. I reached under the stairs and scooted the Possum into a cardboard box and had my wife come identify the offending animal. Well, when she discovered it was a “baby”, all thoughts of killing it left her body. She went about pouring a bowl of water and gave it some cat food, which it ate with great relish. We played with it for awhile, and she started to worry again about; “How do you know it isn’t a rat?” I took a stick and touched its tail, it immediately wrapped its tail around it and I lifted it in the air hanging by it’s tail. That petty much proved it to her.

Then the subject of “what do we do with it” came up. My thought was, we could use it as a company mascot, we could name him “Pogo”. The thought was a lot of fun for about thirty seconds, then reality set in. “Reality” is my wife when she makes up her mind about something. She was worried about whether or not it was old enough to make it on its’ own. I told her that I though so, because we probably ended up with him under our steps because his mother kicked him out.

So we set him out in the hills, with a box of cat food and a bowl of water, and some great memories to tell his grand-possums.

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