Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A few years ago, on an early Monday morning, I was a fireman at the scene of a gas explosion. The buildings windows were all blown out, and the doors were laid out flat in front of the places that they used to be. It was a metal building and there was no fire, but the building had a slight puff to it, like it had just taken a deep breath. Without a close look, the building seemed fairly normal.
We shut all the gas valves and electricity off, and were getting things back on the fire truck when the owner showed up. It was obvious that he had no knowledge of what had just transpired. He got out of his car, grabbed his brief case locked the car, and walked over to us with a mildly curious look on his face. He got over to us and started looking around. There was broken glass all over the parking lot, doors laid out, the building was all puffed up. Then completely deadpan he looks at us and says; “Why do Mondays always gotta’ be like this?”
I guess Mondays are better if you have a sense of humor.

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