Monday, June 18, 2007

Mountain Lion Mountain

Prepare to jump out of your skin, turn your sound on, then click on the following links.

Mountain Lion Screams 1 mountain Lion Screams 2 Mountain Lion Screams 3

Mountain Lion Facts

The first Mountain Lion I ever saw was in Laytonville. I was in the first grade. The government hunter had just killed one that had been preying on sheep and he decided to bring it by the school for the kids to see. He had it strapped over the hood of his old military jeep. It was a real big deal, because none of us had seen one before. They were pretty much hunted out by 1951 when I was in the first grade.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine and I, and our girlfriends at the time, were parked on a grassy point overlooking the Eel river, above the airport in Garberville. It was a warm beautiful night. The full moon was hanging majestically over Reed Mountain. We would drive to that spot frequently to listen to The Wolfman Jack Show on radio station XERB. I had one of the few radios that would pull in the tunes good enough to hear clearly. At least that what we had to tell the girls to get them to the top of the hill and park with us. The ridge behind us was a well known Mountain Lion trail. All in all, it was just about a perfect evening when we heard “someone” cough. If that was not mood killing enough, the cough was followed by the most chilling female scream that I’ve ever heard, followed by a coughing gurgling sound, that sounded like something ripped the woman’s throat out.
Eager to reassure, I explained to everyone that it was just a mountain Lion.
Strangely, that didn’t reassure anyone, and we had to leave immediately, but my friend and I scored major cred back at the South Fork High School, because the girls told everyone what happened....

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